Charisma is a self-made entrepreneurartistactivist, and eternal optimist. As the founder and Creative Director of 725Creative, she works with passionate and creative small businesses to help them develop a focused brand identity and profitable social media strategy that attracts their dream client.

At 725Creative, Charisma is able to do all the things she loves; brand and product photography, social media strategy, branding, design, and most importantly, inspire other entrepreneurs and help them achieve their dreams.


John has never met a person whom he can’t get along with which is why he is our Customer Relations King. John is passionate about communication and ensures that our clients are always happy. John is also great at crunching numbers and does an amazing job at making sure all of our books stay shiny and organized.

In his spare time, John loves to workout, cook, and explore new cities.



Gage is a master of all trades. With a background in photography, he regularly assists Charisma during product and brand photography shoots. Gage also studied and is well versed in business sustainability, business growth and development, and software engineering. He helps our clients with long term planning and growth and also updates code when needed.

Gage loves animals, Apple products, Disney parks, and being behind the camera.



Melissa is what we call a WordPress Wizard. No matter what crazy ideas we come up with, she is always able to pull it off quickly and with style. Melissa is passionate about web development and design and she is dedicated to making the web a more user friendly, inspiring, and beautiful place.

When she’s not being a badass behind a computer, Melissa can usually be found blogging, building her empire, or being a real life Disney Princess.